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tv   News 4 Today at 6  NBC  October 14, 2010 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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ready for rain? it is going to be a wet and cold morning. live look in prince william countyhere the pavement is wet already. safety concerns. a new report puts metro under the microscope. mission accomplished after two months of waiting all of the trapped miners in chile are freed in less than one day. good morning. thanks for joining us for "news4 today." i'm eun yang. >> i'm aaron gilchri. you can see clouds off in the distance indicative of the rain that's falling already inome
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places. meteorologist tom kierein here with a look at that. >> we don't have rain yet here in washiton but it should be arriving in the metro area within the hour perhaps. we look at the radar advancing color showing areas of rain moderate to heavy rain panhandle of west virginia coming in a western maryland closer view of the radar is showing the leading edge of this rain closer to washington now in prince william county. there's one batc of rain there justow crossing the potomac into western charles county advancing to the north headed toward prince george's county beltway perhaps in just about another 20 minute or . beltway in prince george's county will get wet. scattered showers farther to the south and west of there from fauquier county down towd culpeper. temperatures are chilly this morning. just in the fist throughout most of the region. 57 in washington. highs today with this advancing area of lo pressurecoming through. blustery winds and saturday and sunday should be unny. sunny monday and could get showers midweek next week.
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how is traffic? >> doing well this morning. close in on dry pavement. folks beang the rain getting out early this morning. 395 from beltway up to dntown. a little volume only. southbound 395 from the 14th street bridge down to the beltway looking good. let's pop on over and check out the american religion bridge. outer loop toward tysons and inner loop so far so good. heads-up for marc train riders. two cancellations after a cxs freight train struck and killed a man on the tracks in rockville yesterday. the brunswick line was shut down for a short time after the accident. an early investigation suggests the victim may have committed suide. yesterday's shutdown is still affecting service today. train 892 which leaves fderick at 605 has been canceled.
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the train leaving frederick at 7:10 and martinsburg at 6:30 will sit in brunsck until 7:40. riders should expect large crowds and big-time delays. ♪ the chilean miners showing their national pride singing their national anthem after the last man was brought to the surface. the process spand nearly3 hours. there are no words adequate enough to describe rescue of 33 miners strapped underground fo 70 days in chile. the final miner was brought to the surface last night. we go live to the news room with more on this story. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. that operation lasted half the time than originally expected. afterward the are rescue workers left at the bottom of the mine held up a sign that said mission
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complished chile. the last minerup was t leader who in the first few weeks rationed food among all of the men. the country and the world now celebrate the impossle is possible. here's a look at the empty mine. it housed the 33 men for two months. an initial medical check shows that all of them are in good health but experts still worry about the psychological impact on the miners and say their lives will be anything but normal now. they have been invited to presidential palaces, sought by television shows and have been offered jobs, book and movie deals. still, the celebratis continue here at the chilean embassy in d.c. people watch the dramatic moments unfold on a big screen television. >> learning so many things about the human spirit. the power of the spirit, of the human spirit can really
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challenge the best. >> all of the miners had to go to aocal hospital but some of the early ones could be released by today. back to you. >> sure they're anxious to go home. thank you. the chilean miner rescue had a local help. a company from annapolis equipped the miners with heart monitors. the company could monitor their vital signs real time a half mile up to make sure they were staying healthy. if you drive through the district, keep an eyeout for three new red light cameras this morning. they are set up along busy commuter corridors including the corner of connecticut avenue and porter street northwest, 14th and k streets northwest and third and new york avenue northwest. right now speeders will just get a warningut starting november 12th, tickets will be sent out. drivers who speed will have to pay $75. this morning the hunt is on for a thief that stole a car with a 4 year old inside. it happened last night at a shell station in oxen hill.
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police say a woman stepped away for just a moment and the car was stolen with the child inside. a short time later the police found the car outside an apartment building not far away in southeast washington. the boy was asleep in the back se. police pried into the car and reunited the child with his mother. police are warning parents now that cases like this have been repoed before and you should not leave your children unattended even for a moment. this morning flood lights and armed security guards will greet workers at the department of public works yard in northeast. this after a gunman shot two workers killing one of them. it happened at a dpw facility at w and 12th streets northeast yesterday morning. witnesses say a man wearing a dpw uniform walked up to the front gate, pulled the gun and began shoong. two workers were hit. 51-year-old larry hutchens was killed. d.c. police classify the incident as a workplace shooting. police say at least two security cameras may have ptured images of the suspect. tonight neighbors will hold
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a community meeting about the seal burglar on the prowl in northern virginia. the grapefalls citizens association will hold a meeting on george town pike in vienna at 7:30. since late august there have be about 100 burglaries attempted burglaries and car break ins across fairfax county and a number of cases in prince william county. even with the large number of incidents they have not been able to get a good description of the person or people responsie. this morning many people are wonderin what's next for the d.c. public school system after chancellor michelle rhee announced she's stepping down. rhee was handpicked more than three years ago. she oversaw a massive shake-up in management, school closings and firing of hundreds of teachers. rhee hugged vincent gray who has said that her reforms were important but that her style was too abrasive. gray promises that reforms will continue.
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>> the thought of not being in this role anymore is heartbreaking to put it mildly. >> full reform will move forward in the gray administration. we cannot and will not revert t the da of incrementalism in our school. >> rhee will be replaced by kaya henderson. rhee will sit down with matt lauer to talk about the future of the d.c. public school system on the "today" show at 7:00. here's a closer look at kaya henderson. her mother was a principal. she earned a bachelor's degree and her master's degree at georgetown univsity. she moved to d.c. in 1997 and worked alongside michelle rhee becoming deputy chancellor in 2007. time is 6:08 on this thursday morning. ahead this morning, gilbert
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arenas faked out his own team and now he'll pay the price. what he's saying about that coming up. controversial candidate for senator in delaware doing post-debate triage. what question stumped her. noticeable changes coming this way. a major cooldown. weather and traffic after the break.
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good morning. 6:11 on this thursday morning.
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rain advancing in and will be with us throughout the day. cool in the 50s. highs near 60. it should end by sunset. tomorrow blustery and cool. small chance of a shower. sunny saturday and sunday. highs 60s to near 70. dry first part of the week but midweek maybe some showers next week. how is the traffic now, jerry? >> problems continue up in laurel, maland, as we've been reporting. chopper 4 has just arrived over the scene. it looks a lot more dramatic than it is but nevertheless a broken down tractor-traile in the roadway southbound route 1 at 198 right now obviously couldn't have broken down at a worst location and blocking 198 and route 1. police are there assisting and hofully a tow truck will be on the way. headed toward laurel, heads-up. >> all right. thank you. 6:12 is your time. 55 degrees. ah ahead a bridge in r area lands on a frightening list. >> a metro safety report you won'believe what inspectors saw with their own eyes. the supreme court stumper
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just in time to hop on the
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train and head to work there's a new report out listing potentially dangerous issues with metro. it's a nearly 300-page audit conducted by the tri-state oversight committee. megan mcgrath joins us live from the rosslyn station in arlington with details. >> reporter: good morning. the tri-state safety commission are the ones that did this report. they find that metro has made significant provements in safety and procedures although they also say that ere is a lot of work that still needs to be done. now, the study identified several deficiencies and areas of concern ivolving safety procedures, maintenance and reporting of accidents and incidents. in the area of safety, the committee review team found short coming in worker safety procedures and a track procedure gave the proceed hand signal before actually clearing the right of way. something they consider to be quite dangerous. now, the new worker safety
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traing program has already been devised. it has not yet been implemented. the tri-state committee says that needs to be done as quickly as possible. also the report found problems with metro's maintenance program. they say that more needs to be done to fix escalators, broken or missing floor tiles and also they nd to address cracks in concrete walls and ceilings and in the area of accident and incident reporting the committee says metro is out of compliance and they have a backlog of open investigations that they need to close those investigations and go ahead and me any changes that are deemed to be necessary. another area of concern for the committee. now, metro is of course looking over this report that just came out here and they'll be responding to it. basically case by case. all of the areas where the committeeound areas of concern they'll go through it and address it and discuss it. we'll see where it goes from there. again, kind of a mixed report here. committee found a lot of
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improvent but they also say that a lot of work still needs to be done. back to you. >> all right. megan mcgrath live in arlington. thank you. now the race for maryland governor. current governor martin o'malley and former governor robert ehrlich will debate today locked in a rematch after o'malley beat the republican four years ago. both are campaigng hard in the final stretch of the race. democrat o'malley is ahead in the polls. vincent gray will hold another town hall meeting tonight mang his rounds across the district to connect with voters before the november election. tonight's meeting is in ward 2 at the united methodist church on 16 street northwest. you can ask any question that's important to you. delaware is t 45th largest state in the u.s. but the senate race is getting major attention. christine o'donnell squared off against democrat chris coons. they disagreed on every topic from jobs to taxes to
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bipartisanship. the moment that stole the show came when o'donnell was asked to name a recent supreme court decision she disagreed with. o'donnell has been critical of the highourt while o'donnell couldn't name one off the top of her head and said she would post examples later on her website. right now the streets near the capitol e closed for the filming of "transformers 3." the streets will reopen in a few minutes at 6:30. this morning the movie is expected to wrap up the washington shoot today but parking restrictions will remain in effect until noon tomorrow for much of downtown. redskins fans don't worry heading to the game on sunday nit. u will be able to take metro home. metro will stay open an additional hour for the crowds. the last blue line train will depart at 12:24 from largo town center. extra metro personnel will be on hand to help the riders. the bizarre saga of wizards
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stargill bert arena has taken a strange turn. he lied to team officials about having a sore knee. he told the media after the game he lied so teammate nick young could start. arenas apologized to his teammates and reporters after the game saying he didn't expect the move to get so much attention. >> i wasn't reall thinking that it would be another media outburst. it's like everything i do now just gets blown out of proportion. i was trying to be a good teammate. nick wanted to play. sincwe are guard loaded, i felt i could take the day off and lied to coach and told him my knee was sore so start nick. >> sources close to theeam say the 28-year-old point guard sis
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unkely to be fined by the nba as long as wizards followthrough with their fine. >> you would think he would lay low. >> if you paid me that much money, i would do exactly what i'm told to do. >> some rain on the way. >> already moving into the metro area as we spk. take a look at the radar over the last hour. radar and time lapse where you see the areas of yellow raining harder coming into allegheny county out of the panhandle of west virginia and farther to th east there's some scattered shower activity now into prince george's county right now the prince george's county beltway is getting wet. the beltway in mtgomery and fairfax county no rain there yet. rain farther to the south as well in charles county and scattered west of interstate 95 from stafford into spotsylvania and culpeper. in the 50s throughout much of the region. chilly morning. cool day on the way. highs only around 60. rain should end by sunset.
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partly cloudy tonigh blustery wind tomorrow. partly sunny and highs mid 60s. small chance of a passing shower. over the weekend sunny saturday and sunday and on the cool side and dry monday but could get showers tuesday, wednesday next week. how's the traffic now? >> time to check things out alongi-66. still on dry pavement you go beginning to load up continuing to fair oaks. now some stop and go developing along the wayut again all is well. let's head over and see if that is the case elsewhere into town. new york avenue, just checked out kettleworth avenue. that looks good. major roadways in through southeast all moving along nicely. out on the rails we have one delay on vre. slightly delayed. metro is good. and we have continuing brunswick line cancellations. check with marc rail as some additional trains have been canceled. we'll keep you updated on those delays here on news4. that's how we're doing right now. back to you.
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6:21 is your timeight now. a star studded lineup announced to honor a presidential anniversary. >> why bill gatescame to our area with an announcemt a big check. and a real scare. the bay bridge lands on a
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the llions who have vied
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the chesapeake bay bridge and have been nervous driving over it, your fears have been concerned. travel and leisure ranks the bay bridge as one of the scariest in the world. there is a service in which drivers can reest someone ese drive them over the bridge. 4,000 people a year take advantage of that service. would you pay to have someone drive you over that bridge? >> i would try to figure out how much it cost for that service. >> the other driver driving new your vehicle or a different vehicle and then how do you get back? >> i would think somee would follow. >> sounds like an expensive service. >> if you are afraid of heights, you would pay for it. >> you have to get to the beach somehow. you have to get to the beach. the kennedy center is preparing for a very special year in its history. the 50th anniversary of the auguration of president john f. kennedy. the kennedy center announced the performers and presenters for the opening concert of the presidency celebration which
6:26 am
will be held january 20th of next year. that list includes morgan freeman, paul simon, julie andrewsnd herbie hancock will also perfo at the concert. >> what a lineup. 6:25 is your time. 55 degrees. ahead this morng, truly is a miracle. the rescue complete in chile. what's next for miners no long trapped deep underground? the list of victims of a serial burglar continues to grow. a review of safety procedures after a deadly shooting on city property. synctaxes 60 percent.roperty
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messy morning. the rain is slowly moving into our area. plus, stepping up security. some visible changes at the site of ahooting where a d.c. worker was gunned down. [ applau ] and miracle at the mine. 33 miners are now safely above ground. coming up on 60. thanks for waking up with s. i'm aaron gilchrist in for joe krebs. >> and i'm eun yang. a live look outside right now at 6:29. 56 drees out there. cloudy skies. rain in some parts of our viewing area and more rain on the way.
6:30 am
>> this could get heavier as we get into the middleart of the day. right now getting some light rain where you see the moving green there in prince george's county. that's one batchf some light rain and moderate to heavier rain right now falling in western maryland and panhandle of west virginia and actually thunder and lightning moving into the charlottesville area an no severe weather but just heavy downpours with some thunder and lightning there. that's advancing off to the north and east and that will move toward the metro area over the morning and as the morning progresses expect heavier showers to move through from time to time and it's chilly. only in the 50s now. 57 at national airport. highs today just near 60 with occasional showers through the day and maybe some thunder and lightning and then ending by sunset and partly cudy tonight. mid 40s on friday morning. tomorrow blustery and cool with highs low to mid 60s and a gusty northwest wind. sha small chance of a shower. milder on sunday. here's a look into next week. monday should be mostly sunn in
6:31 am
the 60s. might get a shower tuesdaynd wednesday. how's the traffic, jerry? >> a live look and we're loading up and slowing down big-time now all of a sudden along i-270. back up begins close to clarksburg heading down to germantown and rockville. it was moving well a moment ago when i last checked but now it's come to a stop. we may have a problem. lets head over to vginia to see if we have problems to deal with. 395 northbound north of duke street just a little volume right now at thelane drop as you hd from landmark but it appears the lanes are open. on the rails this morning, metro rails still okay. vre one delay. fredericksburg 302. continuing cancellations and some delays that have developed now on marc rail brunswick line. check with marc rail this morning. >> thank you. this morning armed security guards will greet workers at the department of public rks yard.
6:32 am
this after a gunman shot two workers, killing a 24-year veteran. the shooting happened at a dpw facility along w and 12th streets noreast. news4 tracee wilkins is live with details. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. workers are definitely coming into a different environment this morning as you can see. there's a security guard and he's checking the i.d. of all of the employees who are going into the secured area to make sure that they have photo i.d. and are supposed to be here on th property. so they are paying very close attention to what's ppening here. this is one of the things workers said sterday. they want more security and want to feel more safe in this and other government facilities. this is all happens as the investigation into this murder is continuing. the department of public works sanitation divisn in brentwood is the scene of murder. >> nothing like this should ever happen on a district of columbia government facility. >> reporter: around 6:3 a.m.
6:33 am
while sanitation workers were king their way into the workplace yesterday, a gunman dressed in the dpw uniform opened fire. more than 2 rapid shots were fired hitting two workers killing one and injuring another who is expected to recover. >> pow, pow,po pop, pop and silence. dead silence. >> reporter: 51-year-old larry hutchen was shot to death. he worked for dpw for 24 years. they say he had a stellar record. seven years ago he married his wife and now she's fighting to cope with the shock. >> i talked to him. be careful. call me when you get to work. he called me about 5:38. i dozed back off. next thing i know the phone rang. i had a missed call. now i just don't know which way to go. don't know if i'm coming or going right now. >> reporter: dpw union president says it's time for brentwood and other dpw sites to protect its workers.
6:34 am
>> there's no curity in this yard. there's no security in any of the yards. >> reporter: as you can see here they have generators operating lights to try to light the lot there a little better and again also secured guards here this morning breathie inine inine ii workers as they enter. they don't if that gunman was a worker here or not. there's no definite motive in this shooting. back to you in the studio. >> thank you. it's simply a miracle. all 33 miners who were trapped underground for 70 days in chile are free this morning and after they all reached the surface, they showed their nation pride. ♪ the miners alongside the country's president sang their national anthem scelebrating their culture and their fellow
6:35 am
countrymen. >> reporter: the emotion never went away as the rescues went on and on. this operation took half the time than originally expected. less than 24 hours it took more than 1,000 engineers to figure out how to get the men from half a mile under ground. the last man up was luis urzua. the country and the world n celebrate the impossible is possible. here's a look at the empty mine housing 33 men for two months. initial medical checkhows that all of them are in good health and could be released from the hospital as early as today. but again experts are still worrying about the psychological impact on the miners and say that their lives will be anything but normal now. they've been invited to presidential palaces, sought by television shows and offered jobs, book and movie deals. still the celebrations continue.
6:36 am
>> inspiring experience i'm sure. not only for the chileans for the whole world. >> it's a matter of trying to get back to normal. most men had to stay in the hospital initially for 48 hours but again some of them can get out as early as today. aaron, back to you. >> good news all of the way around. thank you. this morning the hunt is on for the thief who stole a car with a 4 year old side. it happened last night at the shell station near branch avenue in oxen hill. police say a woman was pumping gas and stepped away for a moment and the car was stolen. a short time later police found the car outside an apartment building on southern avenue in southeast washington. the boy was asleep in the back seat. police pried into the car and reunited the child with his mother. police are warning parents cases like this have happened before and not to leave your children unattended even for a moment. the word's richest man was in northern virginia to decate a learning center named for his
6:37 am
mother. bill gates, his father and sister were on hand for the $17 million oping of the mary gates center in alexandria. the mary m. gates learning center sits on the banks of the potomac. >> the building is membersf the united way board so she believed in that a lot and getting the united way to share their best practices is even got some worldwide activities so this center will facilitate that. i'm sure she would be very happy about it. >> the state of the art facility will train united way staffers from all over the world. one day after michelle rhee announced her resignation, many wonder what's next for the the city's school system. rhee was picked by the outgoing mayor three years ago. she oversaw a massive shake-up in management, school closings and firing of hundreds of teachers. yesterday she announced that she will sp down at the end of the
6:38 am
nth. rhee said it was a mutual decision made by herself and the presumptive mayor, vincent gray. she'll be replaced by kaya henderson who worked beside rhee before coming to work for d.c. public schools. michelle rhee will be a topic of conversation on the "today" show this morning. coming up immediately following "news4 today." let's check in with meredith to see what else they areorking on. >> good morning to you. we look forward to talking to her about why the resignation and what's next in her life. also coming up, the latest fr chile where 33 miners and 6 rescue workers are safely above ground. what's next for them? also ahead, christine o'connell attacked her opponent and gets tripped up on a question by the supreme court. in the first debate between delaware senate candidat. details on that. an 8 year old prodigy whose paintings sell for $18,000 a
6:39 am
piece. we'll meet her when we get started. >> see you soon. 6:39 right now. frustrated people in fairfax county get a chance to ask questions about the elusive serial burglar. also, what aeam of safety inspectors say metro must work on improving and trouble is not just on the track. >> turning up the heat could empty your wallet. expect to shell out warm to stay warm this winter. we'll also check the morning's weather and traffic coming up next. stay with us. is not just a warranty. it's a belief everything we do. it's a 5 year, 50,000 mile promise. with complimentary scheduled maintenance no-cost replacement of wear and tear items
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and 24/7 roadside asstance. because when you create the most beautiful, fast cars on earth, you create an ownership experience to match. bob ehrlich says he wants to fix maryland. but he increased state spending by record amounts. ehrlich raised $3 billion in taxes and fees... including property taxes... and a 40% increase college tuition. and now he's made over $1 billion in new promises... with no plans to pay for them... except for cutting education. cuts that will lay off teachers and increase class sizes. that's not a budget. and bob ehrlich's not the kind of leer... we can trust.
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rain moving into the mro area coming out of virginia and west virginia sweeping through the region. with us from time to time throughout the day. cool in the 50s. high near 60. tomorrow small chance of a shower. sunny on saturday and sunday but a cool weekend. first part of next week starting off dry but could g showers midweek. how'the traffic now, jerry? >> we're in the thick of it now. accident inner loop of the capital beltway from i-66 toward 123. at least two les are closed. jamming up the beltway and 66 ying to get to inner loop. south of town to the wilson
6:43 am
bridge looks like roads are getting wet now beginning to slow down. you can see road spray. be careful. >> thank you >>t's now 6:42. if you are a starbucks fan, newer next latte could make you late. upping the ante in a cruelty case that tugged at the heartstrings. a little dog left in the tra. new eyes in the skies looking over some of the busiest intersections in the city. metro in the spotlight. who says the agency has a lot to do to improve more than safety
6:44 am
6:45 am
>> doors opening. step back to allow customers -- >> metro has been plagued with safety issues for years and now there are reports of even more problems. just as you're about to hop on the train and head to work this morning a new audit found the transit agency has several issues of major concern. ne4's men mcgrath is in arlington now with more. go morning, megan. >> reporter: good morning. this report was put out by the tri-state oversight committee and they concludedthat metro
6:46 am
has made great strides in improving fety as well as performance along the metro system but there still is an awful lot of work that needs to be done. the study identified several deficiencies and areas of concern involving safety procedures, maintenance and the reporting of aidents and incidents. in the area of safety the committee review team found shortcomings and worker safety practices. they cited an indent where they witnessed a track inspector give the proceed hand signal before he cleared the right of way. a ver dangerous situation there. and they arealling for greater safety procedures and training and the training system which they have recently come up with calling for implementation as soon as possible. more needs to be done to fix cracks in concrete walls and ceilings. we've been talking to folks here at the rosslyn metro ation and they agree that more needs to be done in terms of maintenance.
6:47 am
>> the elevators, escalators, trains running late, and it's just charging so much money and e servi is terrible. >> well, escalators are down a lot. the gates are -- to go through the gates they are closed down sometimes. but other than that -- >> reporter: do theyeed more maintenance? >> i think so. >> reporter: in the area of accident and incident reporting the board says that reallymetro needs to do more in that area and that they have a backlog of investigations that need to be closed a whatever the findings of those investitions, those changes need to be implemented and they need to do that on a more timely fashion. now, metro is going to review th report and then respond but they havnot done that. this report just came out.
6:48 am
back to you. >> all right. megan mcgrath live in arlington. thank you. marc riders can expect crowded trains since two trains have been canceled. cancellations come after a freight train struck and killed a man on the tracks in rockville yeerday. the brunswick line was shut down for a short time after the accident. yesterday's shutdown is still affecting service today. train 892 which was supposed to leave frederic at 6:05 and train 880 which leaves brunswick at 7:40 have been canceled. the train leaving frederick at 7:10 will have extra cars and the train that left martinsburg at 6:30 will sit in brunswick until 7:40. several busyintersections have been equipped with new red light cameras this morning. the cameras can be found at intersections of connecticut aven and porter street northwest, 14th and k street northwest and third and new york avenue northwest. right now red light runners will get a warning but starting november 12th tickets for $75
6:49 am
will be mailed out. neighbors will hold a community meeting about the serial burglar that is on the prowl in northern virginia. the citizens association will hold a meeting at the great falls grange park on georgetown pike in vienna. there have been 100 burglars across fairfax county and a number of cases in prince william county. even with the large number of incidents, they have not been able to get a good description of the person responsibility. peta and the washington humane society are offering a ,000 reward for information about whoever threw a puppy in the trash. you may remember thomas, the poodle mix, last month abandoned in his crate and left near a dumpster on savannah street in southwest d.c. thomas was severely underweight but now has been nursed back to
6:50 am
health. anyone with information is asked to call the washington humane society. d.c. democratic mayoral candidate vincent gray tours the city to connect with voters. it's in ward 2. the push to keep american families in their homes is not slowing the rate of foreclosures. some alarming new numbers have just been released. we're joined now live with more on this story. good morning. >> reporte good morning. the pace of foreclosures continue unabated. the most homes in three three-month sttch since the market turned south in 2006. some foreclosures may be challenged in court amid reports that rubber stamp documts without properly checking information. nevada had the highest foreclosure rate in september followed by arizona, florida, california, and idaho. d do get ready to pay more to stay warm this winter. the government says consumers
6:51 am
facing nearly 3% rise in home heating bills or an average of $986 due to colder weather in the northeast which uses 80% of u.s. heating oil suppls. you could pay 8% moref you use propane. you may get a break if you use electric heat. your bill may drop by 2%. those are the business eadlines we're watching right now. back over to you. >> thank you so much. starbucks customersbe prepared to wait a little bit longer for your morning latte. starng ne month starbucks wants employees to focus on only two drinks at once and only steam milk for individual drinks instead of by the pitcher. that move is designed to make the stores operate more ficiently. some worry that the new measures will actually slow down service. >> i bet your coffee will taste better though. your latte. >> it's not coffee. it's latte.
6:52 am
big difference. i would put that out there in case you didn't know. >> will youlease stop fighting? this morning we have much needed rain moving our way. at this hour looking at the radar over the last hour we had the rain marchingouthwest to northeast and continues to advance into the metro area. where you see that area of yellow and orange southwest of washingtons a batch of heavier downpours and thunder and lightning there around charlottesville north and east there. this batch of moderate to heavy rain is advancing toward the metro area. right now getting some light rain in washington and prince george's county, fairfax and points west and up to the north and west as well. and our temperatures around the region are just in the low to mid 50s and most of the areas this morning just mid 50s in washington and it will hold steady in the fistor the next few hours and o of the mountains mid 50s as well. in the upper 40s and low fist on the eastern shore. all of the rain coming from a developing area of low pressure that will rapidly deepen as it passes north and east of us later today and become into a
6:53 am
major nor'easter for the northeast. passing shower for students this morning in upper 40s and low to mid fi50s and temperatures in t fist not only near 60 for a high this afternn with occasional hours during the day. nrise 7:16 and sunset 6:31. clouds breaking up tonight and by dawn tomorrow the 40s. a blusty day on friday. partly sunny. small chance of a shower. highs mid 60s. breezy and cool on saturday with bright sunshine. sunny and milder on sunday. good weather for the skins/colts game sunday night. monday dry with sunshine and showers possible tuesday and wednesday next week. and now how is traffic? >> chopper 4 over t capital beltway in northern virginia jamming ings up with an accident just moved to the shoulder inner loop of the capital beltway. that will be squeezed. looks like the right lane is
6:54 am
blocked entirely. traveling inner loop coming up toward i-66 and 123 look out because of this accident with the right lanes blocked jamming traffic up very, very quickly. elsewhere, let's see how we're ing loading up and slowing down 395 but from beltway to 14th street bridge we're accident free. delays begin at i-95 headed to points west and looks like rain may be moving into this area. >> thank you. this morning armed security guards will greet wkers at d.c.'s departme of public works yard after a gunman shot two workers killing a 24-year veteran. the shoong happened at the facility along 12th and w streets northeast. news4 tracee wilkins joins us live from that site with more details. >> reporter: good morning. you take a look here behind me and you can see here protective services checking for i.d.s as employees go to enter here at the brentwood site. they say this is what they
6:55 am
needed before. better security, something to let people know this is a protected government site here. you come over here to the right and you can see what else they have added here. lights that are working on generators. this is something else that workers said they needed. they said copping into work was like walking into a man hole because it was so dark out here. at times they didn't feel safe. this is a following yesterday's incident. just around this time we were arriving here on the scene as officers were inveigating a shooting. a man dressed in a dpw uniform according to witnesses approached this site, opened fire, shooting and killing one worker, 51-year-old worker who woed here for years, larry hutchens and then wounded another worker who is expected to recover from his injuries. now, police are still looking for that suspect and the investigation is continuing. tracee wilkins, live in northeast, back to you over in the studio. >>hank you. here's one last look at some of the top stories this morning at 6:55.
6:56 am
all of the 33 miners have been pulled from the collapsed mine inhile after spending 70 days trapped underground. the last man brought out was the leader of the group and first person to make contact with the outside world afterhe san jose mine collapsed. one day after announcing her resignation, michelle rhee will talk to matt lauer live on "today" show. rhee will step down at the end of the month. she'll be replaced by deputy chancellor kaya henderson. the current governor and former governor will debate in maryland the latest poll shows o'malley in the lead. >> just a few second left for a last look at weather and traffic. >> expect wet roads and streets and sidewalks. it will slowthe commute this morning as we have rain now advancing toward the metro area raining already in washington and it will be with us off and on throughout the day a dry weekend to follow saturday and sunday. sunshine back.
6:57 am
jerry, how is traffic? >> chopper 4 over the scene of a beltway crash with a huge backup. accident ourred inner loop of t the beltway at 123. delays close to springfield interchange all of the way up. >> the "today" show is next. we'll be back here tomorrow starting at 4:30. hope you join us then. until then, have a great day. with capit one bank's new checking with rewards,
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